22 June 2015

Saturday Poem


I got up early in the morning
to take pictures of this huge momolith
in the middle of the australian outbck.
It took me a whole day
to walk around Ayers Rock.
On my trip
I never met anybody,
but ever since I'd left the motel in the morning
I was joined by a dog
running ahead of me.
It was blazingly hot,
and except for a stubborn German like me,
nobody in his right mind would have gone on such a march.
Thanks to my local guide
I found a few amazing hidden places.
Only when, to top it all,
I decided to climb the mountain,
my canine companion backed out.
He waited for me at the foot of the steep climb
and welcomed me when I came back down,
wagging his tail.

Wim Wenders. from his book "Once"

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