29 November 2012

Thinking of Moths
Kiki Smith

Love these arrow bracelets by Odette New York
I think housework is far more tiring and frightening than hunting is, no comparison, and yet after hunting we had eggs for tea and we're made to rest for hours, but after housework people expect one to go on just as if nothing special had happened.
-- Nancy Mitford

23 November 2012

Barry Underwood

Barry Underwood
It is also November. The noons are more laconic and the sundowns sterner, and Gibralter lights make the village foreign. November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.

Emily Dickinson, letter to Mrs. J.G. Holland, 1864

22 November 2012

Luke Irwin

Rugs by Luke Irwin
Each rug is hand knotted to order and can be made in wool, silk and cashmere.


21 November 2012

Kiki Smith Milky Way
murrini with push pin, glass and plastic glitter, gold leaf and ink on Nepalese paper mounted on canvas, 2011

Birds of Aperture

Birds of Aperture by Paul Octavious

Pigeon Camera

Dr Julius Neubronner’s Miniature Pigeon Camera.

In 1908 Dr Julius Neubronner patented a miniature pigeon camera activated by a timing mechanism. The invention brought him international notability after he presented it at international expositions in Dresden, Frankfurt and Paris in 1909–1911. Spectators in Dresden could watch the arrival of the camera-equipped carrier pigeons, and the photos were immediately developed and turned into postcards which could be purchased. 

Images and text from publicdomainreview

20 November 2012

Sounds and sights that stir feelings and memories: The pleasure of by Vitùc.(via swissmiss)
If you look at history, even recent history, you see that there is indeed progress. . . . Over time, the cycle is clearly, generally upwards. And it doesn't happen by laws of nature. And it doesn't happen by social laws. . . . It happens as a result of hard work by dedicated people who are willing to look at problems honestly, to look at them without illusions, and to go to work chipping away at them, with no guarantee of success — in fact, with a need for a rather high tolerance for failure along the way, and plenty of disappointments.

-- Noam Chomsky

19 November 2012

I feel all shadows of the universe multiplied deep inside my skin.

--Virginia Woolf

15 November 2012

image by Dasha Riabchenko

Scattered Leaves

Don't you go looking so surprised, baby don't you look so stunned
Didn't I tell you that a cold november'd come?
And deliver the leaves from green to red,
To blowing in the wind stone dead

Well I never used to notice this awful quiet,
And fall was just the calm before the next spring riot,
Of wildflowers and lunatic rivers -
Sweat jumping off of the skin of love givers

Scattered leaves don't lie
Aw' now baby, baby, quit your cryin'
Like everything that ever mattered, scit-scat scattered
Like every love word you heard
But that's just the way when you walk your days
In the beauty of this world

Pretty little disappointments all in a row
Been about a year since you disappeared through my door
And now you come back with your head on straight,
But I got no love or hate left for you, girl

You must be the daughter of the late, late rose - I'm November's son
And I'm here to tell you, honey, ooh what's done is done
Yeah, I been claimed by the wind and the rain
There ain't no going back, naw there ain't no going back again (for us now)

-- The Be Good Tanyas (Jeremy Lindsey)

9 November 2012

A green spy was following a blue spy.
Followed by a night sky.
Followed by a fat lie.
Followed by a cherry pie.
Followed by a striped tie.
Followed by a black eye.
Followed by a butterfly.
Followed by a day in July.
Followed by a magpie.
Followed by a deep sigh.
Followed by a bye-bye.
Followed by a good cry.
Followed by a blue spy.

Arm in Arm: A Collection of Connections, Endless Tales, Reiterations and Other Echolalia - written & illustrated by Remy Charlip (1969).