27 September 2012

Nancy Reagan on Mr. T’s Lap, 1983.
All the best things happened in 1983.

Source retronaut

The Topkapi Scroll

The Topkapi Scroll, a fifteenth century Timurid pattern book, is one of the few surviving documents to shed light on the conceptualization, theory, and practice of design in the pre-modern Islamic world.
Be clean, work hard, be healthy, be happy, be free.

--Patti Smith.

18 September 2012

Litho perfection!
image from oldchum

The King Rides By

If time had a place,
And space for your past.

Like a little novel,
I wanted to read again and again,
Would I be in your novel,
Would I begin and end in it.

If I had a place,
And space for your little boy eyes,
Could you really believe,
I certainly dare you,
I do not want to scare you,

Oh what a fuss when the king rides by,
Oh what a fuss when the king rides,
Straight through my heart,
Straight through my life.

I need your love more than you'd ever know.
If I kissed and touched your hand,
A million things I will never understand, 

Oh what a fuss when the king trades in,
Oh what a fuss when the king trades.
Oh love, my love, for someone else's hand,
Needing love more than you'll ever know.

You don't miss your water,
You don't miss your water,
'till your well is gone.

-- Cat Power, The King Rides By

from otherwordly

17 September 2012

Mu Pan

How brilliant are these!?
Pages from Mu Pan's sketch book via booooooom

14 September 2012

Deer beds

Katherine Wolkoff followed deer trails in Block Island to photograph deer beds. Apparently, deer press down the vegetation to make a sleeping place where predators won't see them. They never use the same bed twice, but the imprints can last for a few days. The Original images are 40x50 inches, almost life size. I think they are quiet beautiful...i want one on my wall.

Sarah Hermans

Photographs and relief prints by Sarah Hermans