30 June 2011

Family means love and complete whole.

Mark, Maria, Bibi and Joe Borthwick – forever
Mark Borthwick and Maria Cornejo

Juergen Teller. My mother, my father and me. Bubenreuth Germany, 1999.

Sam Taylor Wood. Speed, 2003.
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29 June 2011

I'm excited about what i just found out in Another Magazine...Bjork's new album Biophilia (translating as “love of life” or “love of nature”) is partly inspired by David Attenborough!

Bj√∂rk: “David Attenborough did this amazing show called The Song of the Earth, where he's exploring where animals and humans meet, and trying to work out how music-making started. So, he finds animals that make music, and then he meets these tribes performing ceremonies, and you try to imagine how that would have been the beginning of music…"

He is one of my heros too. This is going to be epic!

Don't Panic It's Organic - Boy Robot

Jamie Armstrong

Vintage photographs and gold glitter...whats not to love!?!

See more of Jamie Armstrong's wonderful world here . I first saw them on this lovely art blog here.


Beautiful leather bags and mobiles from ANVE
  '...Our items are mostly produced in small editions and sometimes unique, depending on the material we find. So if we come across, let's say, a beautiful piece of vintage leather we buy it, even if it's only enough for one little bag. Everything is handmade with love...'
I love the random selection of items and philosophy behind the shop!

25 June 2011


Peter Blake

Things left behind...

Verlorene Kleidung im öffentlichen Raum (Lost clothing in public places) by Peter Piller. See more here


A selection of zines published by Nieves

23 June 2011

1) Harriot Quimby
2) Bessie Coleman
3) Pancho Barnes
4) Amelia Earhart
5) Ruth Rowland Nichols
6) Amy Johnson

evencleveland has recently been posting lots about some of the worlds most pioneering female pilots. Very inspiring! Has also totally fuelled my want for an aviator jacket...

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All images from Vintage National Geographic Scans.

21 June 2011

Dear Photograph,

This newly launched blog, Dear Photograph, invites us take a picture from the past and photograph it, merging it into the present...lovely idea!! Get posting.

from artijoshi