19 August 2013


“There was no one at Antibes this summer, except me, Zelda, the Valentinos, the Murphys, Mistinguet, Rex Ingram, Dos Passos, Alice Terry, the MacLeishes, Charlie Brackett, Mause Kahn, Lester Murphy, Marguerite Namara, E. Oppenheimer, Mannes the violinist, Floyd Dell, Max and Crystal Eastman … Just the right place to rough it, an escape from the world.”

On the Occasion of Zelda Fitzgerald’s Birthday

I'm of to 'rough it and escape the world' too. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Regular posting will resume in September.

14 August 2013

Pretty things from Studio Toogood
Libra: This week, all your vision and all your energy are going to become sharp and intense and they’re going to focus—like a laser, like a sunbeam—on the strangest places inside you, the places that get darkest, the places that you need to look towards. It’s important to pay attention. Watch for details. This is a good week to work on yourself and to work on your home. Mow the lawn or plant some seeds or paint the walls or hang up pictures of your friends, your heroes, your mom. Open all the windows. 

12 August 2013

9 August 2013

Lynette Yiadom Boakye

Portraits by Lynette Yiadom Boakye.
I went to see Cinematic Visions: Painting at the Edge of Reality at Victoria Miro last week (the show explores the relationship between painting and cinema and has a huge breadth of differing work).
My favorite piece by far was   Lynette Yiadom Boakye's Alive To Be Glad (The woman in the red dress).
I couldn't take my eyes of it. 
Her frozen pose is both joyous and serene in an otherwise eerily dark space,it really got under my skin.
I recommend seeing her work for real if you get the chance...

7 August 2013

Vicky Slater

Beautiful pinhole photography by Vicky Slater.

So I’ve aged. The stars are still
too high and far too sweet.
I’ve bloodied my knuckles trying
to climb up to them, fractious reminders.

Turn them out. Keep them safe
in a velvet-lined box.

Melanie Rehak, from “Self-Portrait as the Liberal Arts” via TheParisReview
Photography  John Coplans

6 August 2013

Maisie Broadhead

Images from Maisie Broadhead's Jewellery Depicted

A collection of photography and accompanying jewellery. Each photograph is a modern day re-interpretation of a historical painting where jewellery is at the centre of the image’s meaning. The photographs have accompanying jewellery that act as key props within each of the images. When depicted in the photograph the jewellery appears quite traditional, yet when the pieces are experienced physically we see there is illusion at work.

Little Scraps of Paper

Little Scraps of Paper
A short film about Maisie Broadhead’s working practice. 2010
Little Scraps of Paper is a series of films by Tom Leach about how creative people develop ideas and thoughts and what they keep them in.

“I believe in the inheritance of skills and crafts—the inheritance of memory.”

Robert Graves

5 August 2013


“In 1977, on my wedding ceremony in Moscow, Tarkovsky appeared with a Polaroid camera. He had just shortly discovered this instrument and used it with great pleasure among us. He and Antonioni were my wedding witnesses. According to the custom of the period they had to choose the music played during the signing of the wedding documents. They chose the ‘Blue Danube.’

“At that time Antonioni also often used a Polaroid camera. I remember that in the course of a field survey in Usbekistan where we wanted to shoot a film—but finally did not do it—he gave to three elderly Muslims the pictures he had taken of them. The eldest one as soon as he took a glance at the photos, immediately returned them with these words: ‘What is it good for, to stop the time?’ This unusual refusal was so unexpected that it took us by surprise and we could not reply anything.

“Tarkovsky thought a lot about the ‘flight’ of time and wanted to do only one thing: to stop it—even if only for a moment, on the pictures of the Polaroid camera.”

—Tonino Guerra
Polaroid pictures taken by Andrei Tarkovsky. (via)
“There’s a level at which words are spirit and paper is skin. That’s the fascination of archives. There’s still a bodily trace.” 

-- Susan Howe

2 August 2013

Peanut Butter

I am always hungry
& wanting to have
sex. This is a fact.
If you get right
down to it the new
unprocessed peanut
butter is no damn
good & you should
buy it in a jar as
always in the
largest supermarket
you know. And
I am an enemy
of change, as
you know. All
the things I
embrace as new
are in
fact old things,
re-released: swimming,
the sensation of
being dirty in
body and mind
summer as a
time to do
nothing and make
no money. Prayer
as a last re-
sort. Pleasure
as a means,
and then a
means again
with no ends
in sight. I am
absolutely in opposition
to all kinds of
goals. I have
no desire to know           
where this, anything
is getting me.
When the water
boils I get
a cup of tea.
Accidentally I
read all the
works of Proust.
It was summer
I was there
so was he. I
write because
I would like
to be used for
years after
my death. Not
only my body
will be compost
but the thoughts
I left during
my life. During
my life I was
a woman with
hazel eyes. Out
the window
is a crooked
silo. Parts
of your
body I think
of as stripes
which I have
learned to
love along. We
swim naked
in ponds &
I write be-
hind your
back. My thoughts
about you are
not exactly
forbidden, but
exalted because
they are useless,
not intended
to get you
because I have
you & you love
me. It’s more
like a playground
where I play
with my reflection
of you until
you come back
and into the
real you I
get to sink
my teeth. With
you I know how
to relax. &
so I work
behind your
back. Which
is lovely.
is out of control
you tell me &
that’s what’s so
good about
it. I’m immoderately
in love with you,
knocked out by
all your new
white hair
why shouldn’t
I have always
known be the
very best there
is. I love
you from my
starting back
there when
one day was
just like the
rest, random
growth and
breezes, constant
love, a sand-
wich in the
middle of
a tiny step
in the vastly
path of
the Sun. I
squint. I
wink. I
take the
--Eileen Myles,
“Peanut Butter” from Not Me, published by Semiotext(e). Copyright © 1991 by Eileen Myles.


yellow is the color of my true love’s hair
in the morning, when we rise, in the morning
when we rise
that’s the time
that’s the time
i love the best
-- Donovan
1.  Found at apieceapart
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3. the incomplete dictionary of show birds photographed by Luke Stephenson
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7. Walter Darby Bannard, 1963
8. Amarillo