30 May 2014

Spend your nights watching the moon.

“Days will move fast and strange around you this week, and it might feel too wild, it might feel like it’s too much. Think of every moment as a sign, as a gift, as a story. Think about the smells, colors, all the different ways the world can talk to you. You’ll find moments you can hold on to and moments you can leave behind and none of them will be wasted, all of them will matter, all of them can help you live. Spend your days outside. Spend your nights watching the moon.”

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It's almost the weekend....

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“Her antiquity in preceding and surviving succeeding tellurian generations: her nocturnal predominance: her satellitic dependence: her luminary reflection: her constancy under all her phases, rising and setting by her appointed times, waxing and waning: the forced invariability of her aspect: her indeterminate response to inaffirmative interrogation: her potency over effluent and refluent waters: her power to enamour, to mortify, to invest with beauty, to render insane, to incite to and aid delinquency: the tranquil inscrutability of her visage: the terribility of her isolated dominant resplendent propinquity: her omens of tempest and of calm: the stimulation of her light, her motion and her presence: the admonition of her craters, her arid seas, her silence: her splendour, when visible: her attraction, when invisible.”

James Joyce, Ulysses

Michael Hakimi

Michael Hakimi
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Galileo's Drawings

'I see drawing as thinking, as evidence of thinking, evidence of going from one place to another. The image is just sort a sort of armature on which I hang my marks and make my art.
--Vija Celmins

 (Galileo's drawings)

space sparkle

All from Erie basin.
Vintage Carved Coral 18K Gold Sun Stud Earrings
19th century comet pin
1900s Edwardian Birks Pearl Starburst Brooch/Pendant, 14K
Early 1900s Fraternal Pharaoh and Star Pendant, Brass

28 May 2014

You will know what to do

Found this here along with these lovely words...

"...there’s something so simple and poignant to me about people hurtling themselves into space, the most important aspect of their journey being the confidence that they will somehow know what to do. Humans are so fragile, yet our dreams can be so unjustifiably strong and our hopes as clean and clear as faith in ourselves."

-- shape-and-colour

Mamiko Otsubo - Concrete Moon 2010,
(cast concrete embedded into drywall)


Two men walked on the surface of the moon.
Others will, later. What are words to do?
And what of the dreams and fashionings of art
before this real, almost unreal, event?
Heady with daring and with holy dread,
those sons of Whitman now have left their print
on the moon's wasteland, the unviolated
prehuman sphere, changing and permanent.
The love of Endymion in his mountain vigil,
the hippogriff, the curious sphere of Wells,
which in my memory is real and true,
now all take substance. Triumph belongs to all.
Today there is not a single man on earth
who does not feel more confident, more sure.
The unforgettable day thrills with new force
from the single rightness of the odyssey
of those benign magicians. The moon,
which earthly love still seeks out in the sky
with sorrowing face and still-unslaked desire,
will be its monument, everlasting, one.
Jorge Luis Borges, translated by Alastair Reid.

Sam Moyer

This is what I imagine relief prints from the moon would look like.

Sam Moyer: More Weight at the Rachel Uffner Gallery in NYC.

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"Loretta, I love you. Not like they told you love is, and I didn't know this either - but love don't make things nice. It ruins everything. It breaks your heart. It makes things a mess. We aren't here to make things perfect. The snowflakes are perfect. The stars are perfect. Not us. Not us! We are here to ruin ourselves, and to break our hearts, and love the wrong people, and die. The storybooks are bullshit! Now I want you to come upstairs with me and get in my bed!"
Ronny Cammareri, talking to Loretta Castorini in Moonstruck (1987).

John Patrick Shanley won an Academy Award for the script. It's classic.


Full moon eclipse found here.

24 May 2014

Saturday Poem

concrete poem by dom sylvester houédard.

21 May 2014


Took a visit to the Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna in Rome this weekend and found La vecchia by the Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.

I've been looking for a long, long time,
for this thing called love,
I’ve ridden comets across the sky,
and I’ve looked below and above.
Then one day I looked inside myself,
and this is what I found,
A golden sun residing there,
beaming forth God’s light and sound.

~ Rumi

20 May 2014


"Above all else it's about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry, I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that's why I made works of art."

-- Felix Gonzalez-Torres

19 May 2014

Leah Fraser

LOVE Leah Fraser's Shamans, living in an imaginary world inspired by the many healing methods of different cultures.

By Heart

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15 May 2014

woven seascape

Sophie Mallard

low, sad murmur

AND then I pressed the shell
Close to my ear
And listened well,
And straightway like a bell
Came low and clear
The slow, sad murmur of the distant seas ...

James Stephens, 'The Shell'.

14 May 2014

Cy twombly, Poems to the sea

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Pina Bausch Tanz Thetar-Lilies of the valley from özlem kahraman on Vimeo.
“Then I felt too that I might take this opportunity to tie up a few loose ends, only of course loose ends can never be properly tied, one is always producing new ones. Time, like the sea, unties all knots. Judgements on people are never final, they emerge from summings up which at once suggest the need of a reconsideration. Human arrangements are nothing but loose ends and hazy reckoning, whatever art may otherwise pretend in order to console us.”

― Iris Murdoch, The Sea, the Sea

13 May 2014

Lani Maestro.
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A Life Underwater

Ray: A Life Underwater from Danny Cooke on Vimeo.

Again. Because it's so special.
“So fine was the morning except for a streak of wind here and there that the sea and sky looked all one fabric, as if sails were stuck high up in the sky, or the clouds had dropped down into the sea.”

― Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

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12 May 2014

Vija Clemins

"Celmins draws what she sees, plain and simple, and in so doing has made works that are neither plain nor simple. These vistas onto the natural world continue to fascinate. The magic of light on surface and that curious alchemy that can be achieved with the deftness of touch, restraint and the patience to follow through to a very beautiful end."
--  www.frieze.com

Hatsui Shizue

time passes.
The only life I have
submits to its power.

—From the collection “Three Japanese Woman Poets,” translated from the Japanese by Kenneth Rexroth.

10 May 2014

Saturday Poem


Fat Russian novels are sinking
like grandmothers into the snow,
and a troika is whisking through my sleeves
as if time were muffled
in the folds of my overcoat

The harness creaks.
The horses snort
small jets of breath into my stormy coat,
and somehow I am flying backwards
over the salted landscape.
Suddenly my grandmother passes by —
on a lounge chair, in bathing suit and sunglasses.
She is flying forward, to Florida.

Stephen Frank,

9 May 2014