30 May 2012

Rebecca Horn

White body fan by Rebecca Horn via montmarte

Home Improvements

So i notice there are ALOT of lifestyle blogs dedicated to such things, its all the rage to show how stylish you and your home are. Now i am not judging, i get very easily drawn in, but it does sometimes make me feel a little queasy...that was until i saw these beauties!!

1.  a glow in the dark driveway. Well you just would, wouldn't you? via acupofjo

2.  Easy access to the lounge. Brilliant.  via witanddelight

3. My dream scenario. Eleanor Lanahan and John Douglas, Vermont artists, built an addition with a bridge to maintain their private space while living together...read and see more pictures here.

26 May 2012

Vanessa Hernandez

Transfixed by this...i don't know if its the gold, the music or the YES YES Y'ALL... See more of Vanessa's work here.

(Source: thefoxisblack via evencleveland)

25 May 2012

Lee Jung

I'm a romantic at heart so neon love letters in odd places appeal... See more here and here.

19 May 2012

18 May 2012

Image from Emerson Merrick . Visit her blog for her touching account of packing up her Grandfathers house.

17 May 2012

Raw black diamond necklace from magpie and rye