30 March 2015


noun: cast; plural noun: casts
  1. an object made by shaping molten metal or similar material in a mould.
    "bronze casts of the sculpture"
    • a mould used to make an object by casting.
      noun: plaster cast; plural noun: plaster casts
      "the artist's casts and moulds became the property of the museum"

    • a bandage stiffened with plaster of Paris, moulded to the shape of a limb that is broken and used to support and protect it.
       noun: plaster cast; plural noun: plaster casts
      "I had to spend a month in a cast"
  2. an act of throwing something forcefully.
    "he grabbed a spear for a third cast"
    • the form or appearance of something, especially someone's features or complexion.
      "she had a somewhat masculine cast of countenance"
      • the character of something.
        "this question is for minds of a more philosophical cast than mine"

    • a slight squint.
      "he had a cast in one eye"

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