26 January 2015

We are much more then we are told

The Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano once told me that the apparent reluctance to learn from the past scared him.
 “My great fear is that we are all suffering from amnesia,” he said. “I wrote to recover the memory of the human rainbow, which is in danger of being mutilated.”
Who, I asked, is responsible for this forgetfulness? “It’s not a person,” he explained. “It’s a system of power that is always deciding in the name of humanity who deserves to be remembered and who deserves to be forgotten … We are much more than we are told. We are much more beautiful.”  We are much more alike than we are told, as well.

-- Gary Younge


  1. That second quote has put into words what i feel about the "honours" list.
    It always makes me uncomfortable that some lives seem so much more worthy of commemoration. (e.g. Paris v Nigeria)
    Thank you.

    1. yes! so true and so important to keep searching and shining light on others stories.