16 September 2014

Alison Saar

It made me very happy when I first came across the work of Alison Saar! Her work juggles themes of personal and cultural identity often in the form of the female body, which she presents in various sizes, as imperfect but beautiful, buyont with story and solid in stance. 
I have an art crush!

Here is a little more about her background...

"The work of Alison Saar addresses humanity in the broadest sense. Through the use of archetypal images, Saar reaches out to audiences from backgrounds as culturally and ethnically diverse as her own. Her mother, well-known artist Betye Saar, has European, Native American, and African American ancestors; her father, Richard Saar, painter turned conservator, is of German and Scottish origin. Fragments of lore, myth and legend as well as the practices of the everyday, rooted in these cultural backgrounds, are woven into Saar's powerful images, where contemporary expression enshrines centuries of man's spiritual evolution." 

(Text from phylliskindgallery.com. Photos from lalouver.com. View her work here.)

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