19 July 2013

Sheila Hicks

I love this lady.
There is much to read and learn about Sheila. Check out Sikkema Jenkins & Co., her gallery in New York, for even more images of her work. The Smithsonian has also done an oral history with her and there are many nice books out—Sheila Hicks: 50 Years is the one I first discovered her in (Thanks you Camberwell College of Art Library!)

1. Sheila holding √Čventail in 1989 in Cour de Rohan, Paris
2. Convergence I (2001)
3. Wow Bush / Turmoil in Full Bloom (1980),
4. Learning to Weave in Taxco, Mexico (c. 1960)
5. Sketch book
6. Sheila in Guerrero, Mexico, 1964 from Weaving As Metaphor,
7. Wil Bertheux (1973), photo by Bastiaan van den Berg.
8. Working on Solferino Tacubaya in Taxco el Viejo, Guerrero, Mexico, 1960-61.
9. Sheila Hicks, photographed by Giulia Noni

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