16 July 2013

Lucie Rye

Read about this great dame on the VADS essay site set up for her in a nice timeline format and with lots more great images. The best spot to check out images of her work is through Galerie Besson, which represented her.

1.  Lord Snowdon’s photograph of Lucie’s hands
2.  Lucie Rie and Hans Coper pottery upstairs at 18 Albion Mews in 1950.
3. Lucie sunbathing in the 1960s. Photo by Stella Snead.
4. pink porcelain conical bowl, c. 1978.
5. Lucie, around 1935, in her Vienna studio.
6.  Page from her Vienna-days glazing notebook, 1920s
7.  The group of vases were on display at London’s Berkeley Gallery, 1962. Photo by Jane Gate.
8. Lucie potting in the 1980s.
9.  Portrait of Dame Lucie by Snowdon

All via GravelandGold

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