22 February 2013

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto
photographs from the series Seascapes, 1989-1997
gelatin silver prints, dimensions vary with edition
Caribbean Sea, Jamaica, 1980
Mediterranean Sea, Cassis, 1989
North Atlantic Ocean, Cliffs of Moher I, 1989
North Pacific Ocean, Iwate, 1986
Tyrrhenain Sea, Scilla, 1993
North Atlantic Ocean, Cape Breton, 1996
Ligurian Sea, near Saviore, 1993
Cascade River, Lake Superior, 1995
Boden Sea, Uttwil, 1993
Red Sea, Safaga, 1992
(Source: museumuesum)


  1. I relate to these horizons very much. I think there is nothing so profound actually, as this emptiness with the horizontal divide.